Gone fishing

Unfortunately and much as I hate to do this, this blog is going on a temporary hiatus once again. My list of personal and work-related commitments is just getting out of hand, and it’s going to be tough for me to find time to write more posts for the next few months or so. I apologize to all of you and hope to be back ASAP.

7 thoughts on “Gone fishing

    • Yeah, I see that. it’s pretty darn funny. Ms. Purdom links to a “paper” she published at this link: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/arj/v2/n1/genomic-islands in which she claims that “pathogenicity [is] a post-Fall event in which bacteria have adapted to novel environments due to combinations of mutation, HGT of GEIs and displacement…I propose that no intentional pathogenic mechanisms exist and bacterial pathogenicity is the result of a combination of events that did not occur in a pre-Fall world. Alterations post-Fall have led to pathogenicity. These alterations are likely combinations of mutations, HGT of GEIs, and/or host changes.”

      You can see here she’s trying to have her cake and eat it. She’s uncomfortable with the idea that God would intentionally create pathogens, so she argues “no intentional pathogenic mechanisms exist”. But for that to be true, pathogenicity would have to have evolved, and she’s not comfortable with that idea either. So she tries to beat around the bush and claim that bacteria “changed” through a process of “mutation and adaptation” (but not the dreaded E-word, because we can’t say that!) — and says some remarkably silly things in the process. but what do you expect from someone who believes the world is just 6,000 yrs old…

      • I think also maybe it would be helpful to bear in mind — what IS evolution? simply put it’s genetic change in a population across generations (at least that’s the in-a-nutshell definition). If Ms. Purdom is saying that bacteria which were not originally pathogenic “became” pathogenic over time, she is saying they evolved. She goes to considerable lengths to avoid using that word, of course, but that’s because she’s not willing to accept the implications of her claims.

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