I’m an analytical chemist working in the biotech/pharma industry. I love my job and I love science. I write this blog as a hobby in my spare time to try and share my nerdy fascination with Nature with a wider audience.

This blog is about exploring the science of current events and everyday life (what’s that mystery ingredient in my food? what’s that chemical I heard about on NPR?), so if you’re looking for news on the pharma industry this is not the blog you want to follow, ’cause you won’t find anything about that here. (If you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in pharma, I recommend following medicinal chemist Derek Lowe’s venerable blog In the Pipeline for that kind of news instead). I try to keep it simple when I can (and when I can’t I include a picture instead).

My email address is puffthemutantdragon_at_gmail.com .


All of the following should be obvious — but in case it isn’t, I’ll spell it out anyway.

This is my personal blog, so the opinions presented here are mine and mine alone. They don’t reflect those of my employer, nor can I claim to speak on my employer’s behalf. I have no comment on anything relating to my employer or my industry, nor will I discuss anything involving my and my employer’s research.

Many of my posts deal with topics that may have some bearing on health-related issues. When reading these types of posts, be aware I’m not a doctor and the information on this blog is not intended to serve as medical advice. I’m not liable for any consequences that may arise from misuse of the information on this blog. The best source of information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease is and will always be your physician or healthcare professional. If you think you are feeling sick, you should consult a doctor, not a blog.

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  1. Delighted to see you highlight misuse of the word “toxic,” which is particularly common among journalists and citizen environmentalists. When I had the good fortune to act as one of several guest bloggers on James Fallows’s Atlantic blog last winter, I made the same point:


    My experience on a troubled environmental cleanup in Sydney, Nova Scotia, convinced me of this. Environmental protests had brought the community to a state of fear bordering on panic out of all proportion to the actual risk. The result was that a badly needed cleanup took decades and hundreds of millions of dollars, when it should have been completed in four years for a fraction of the cost. Societies pay a big price for crazy exaggeration of unfashionable risks and blithe unconcern about much bigger ones.

    Parker Donham
    Kempt Head, NS

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  3. Awesome blog! As a chem/biochem undergrad with some overlapping interest, I have found your articles very entertaining and informative. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  4. Hey,
    Love the blog as a pharm chem undergrad this is very nice to read from a science perspective rather than a position of fear from most places. I was just wondering if you could do something on brominated vegetable oil, as I have seen a bunch of things about the health effects of it at high, obviously toxic, levels, but have yet to see anything about it in levels that are actually used in sodas and other drinks.
    Other than that love the blog and will definitely be coming back often(ish).

  5. The name of your blog is brilliant! I rather enjoy reading your posts please keep it up!
    I just started my own science blog here on WordPress and it would be pretty awesome if you took a look at one of my posts 🙂

  6. EnJoy the blog!! Great stuff on chemistry of fireworks. Going to use it in my high school chem class!! Thanks

  7. Incredible blog. Really enjoying the “science on crack” series. I appreciate that you write (for the most part) knowing that your audience is full of science nerds- not explaining the basics of chemistry/biochem etc. and assuming that the people reading this already have a solid science foundation. Definitely makes for a more interesting read. Keep up the good work!!

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